EPLI(Employment Practice Liability Insurance)


EPLI(Employment Practice Liability Insurance) covers businesses against claims by employees and commonly ex-employees who rights they feel have been violated by the company.  We has seen a significant increase in suits being filed in the industry and with our existing customer base.  This policy provides protection from some of the following types of claims: 

Sexual harassment


Wrongful termination

Breach of employment contract

Negligent evaluation

Failure to employ or promote

Wrongful discipline

Deprivation of career opportunity

Wrongful infliction of emotional distress

The cost of this insurance depends on numerous factors in your business.  Type of business, average turnover, number of employee’s and whether your business has had any prior claims.  The policy not only covers judgements in the event of a guilty verdict, but it also provides defense costs to defend the frivolous suits as well.  We strongly encourage you to contact our office to obtain a quote for this very important coverage that should be a part of your insurance portfolio!